To join the 19th Camberwell group, there is a simple process.
  1. Identify the appropriate section (Cubs, Scouts, or Venturers)
  2. Contact the group via an existing scout family, section leader, to “try out” scouting.
  3. Visit a section night, a parent/guardian must complete a Visitors form to provide contact details and details of any special needs directly to the section leader on arrival.
  4. At the end of the night, discuss joining with the section leader.
  5. Then receive an online application form via email from Scouts Victoria. Complete online.
  6. The Group Leader or Section leader will provide information about scouting, family obligations, fees etc.
  7. Purchase a scout shirt from The Scout Shop, suitable for the section (Cubs Yellow shoulders, Scouts Green, Venturers burgundy)
  8. Participate in the investiture ceremony where you are presented with a group scarf and membership badges
Each section has their own investiture procedure which may require some reading and participation in additional activities.  You do not need a uniform until investiture.