Each Scout Group has a ‘Group Committee’. This Committee is made up of parents and supporters of the Group.

The Group Committee generally consists of a Chairperson who works closely with the Group Leader to ensure effective management of the whole Group. There is also a Secretary and Treasurer who are responsible for minutes, correspondence and the finances of the Group respectively.

  • Overall the responsibilities of the Group Committee are:
  • Manage the Scout Group
  • Maintain the resources of the Group (human & physical)
  • Raise funds and administer the Group finances
  • Public relations (Group Newsletter, Website, Media, etc)
  • Assist in the recruitment of Leaders and other adult support


The Group Chairman is nominated to: work closely with and support the Group Leader, lead the team of non-Leaders who provide sound administrative and financial support to the Group and maintain and develop the Group as part of the community.


Scout Groups need equipment to operate an exciting program of activities for its young people.. Equipment is not cheap and each item will represent a good deal of hard work in fundraising. It follows, therefore that everybody in the Group needs to look after the equipment.

The care and control of the equipment is the responsibility of the Quartermaster who will be responsible to the Group Leader and the Group Treasurer. This may seem a little strange but it is the Group Treasurer who is responsible for the inventory and insurance of the equipment. In reality the Quartermaster will need to have a practical working relationship with the Section Leaders who will be the chief users.


The Group Treasurer is elected to advise the Group Committee on financial control and expenditure and to coordinate the Group’s budget

The key tasks are to: comply with the rules of Scouts Australia and the laws of the land relating to finance, produce an annual budget following consultation with the Group Council and the Group Committee.


The Group Secretary is elected to act as Secretary of the Group Committee and the Group Executive Committee to: provide sound administrative support to the Group and make information received available to members of the Group