19th Camberwell Group Photo

19th Camberwell in the park during our end-of-year breakup.

Scouting is a wonderful way for boys and girls to make new friends, learn new skills and have great fun in the process.  With a motto of Be Prepared, scouting helps people around the world reach their potential in a co-operative rather than competitive environment. Scouting is fun, friendly and open to people from all cultures and religions, from the age of six, through to adulthood.

Scouting has been dedicated to the ideal that young people will make better citizens and be happier individuals if their natural enthusiasm and desire for structured activity is linked to a sense of purpose and achievement. Scouting follows values based on the Scout Law and Promise which all cubs will need to make. We see this as a framework to help young people learn important life skills, such as leadership, self-reliance, initiative, personal responsibility, community spirit, teamwork, first aid, care for the environment, and practical skills such as rope work, navigation and camping.